Divine Love

( Ishq-e-Haqeeqi )

Love is Attribute of Believer

Allah considers this passionate or ardent love for Him an attribute of the true believers. Allah says in the Holy Quran:

وَالَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡۤا اَشَدُّ حُبًّا لِلّٰہِ

Meaning: And those who believe, love Allah intensely. (Al-Baqarah-165)

Man loves his relatives and things. For example, he loves Allah and the Prophet, parents, wife, children, sisters and brothers, friends, home, land etc. In fact, any love which dominates all the other loves is called Ishq (an ardent love). Moreover, love turns all other loves into ashes and overpowers them.

Divine Love is compulsory for perfect faith

As the Holy Prophet says

Meaning: Your faith is imperfect until I am not endear to you than your lives, wives, children, house, business, and everything. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Love is embedded in Soul

Furthermore, love is in the nature of the soul.

The Essence (Zaat) of Allah was secret and hidden. Then, an intense passion to get recognition aroused in the Him. Actually, this desire aroused with immense severity. Therefore, Sufis, Mystics and Saints interpreted it Ishq. Moreover, Allah manifested light of Mohammad (Noor-e-Ahmadi) from His own light (Noor). After that, Allah manifested souls of all creation from light of Mohammad. In this way, passion of love transmitted to all souls.

Allah created universe from Prophet Mohammad

As Prophet Mohammad said:

اَناَ مِنْ نُّورِ اللّٰہِ وَ الْخَلَقُ کُلَّہُمْ مِنْْ نُّورِیْ

Meaning: I am from the light of Allah and the entire creation is from mine”.

Sultan-ul-Arifeen, Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo says:

  • Know! The light of the One (Noor-e-Ahadi), coming out of His isolated Oneness, intended to manifest Himself in multiplicity. He graced (all the worlds) with the splendid sight of His pure Divine beauty. Both the realms started burning like a moth on the candle of His Blazing Beauty. Then, the light of realm of transcendent Unity (Ahad احد) concealed in M ( م ) of Ahmad ( احمد ). He manifested Himself as Ahmad ( احمد ). (Risala Roohi Sharif)

This statement implies that when Allah adorned His court, first, He manifested light of Mohammad from His essence. Then, He created the souls of the whole creation from light of Mohammad. Therefore, this is the Mohammadan reality (Haqeeqat-e-Mohammadiya). Hence, Allah created whole universe from the light of the Prophet. As Iqbal says:

اے کہ تیرےؐ وجود پر خالقِ دو جہاں کو ناز

اے کہ تیرؐ ا وجود ہے وجۂ وجودِ کائنات

Meaning: O beloved Mohammad! The Creator of both the worlds is proud of your existence. Surely, you are the reason behind the creation of this universe.

Moreover, a number of Hadiths and traditions re-inforce this reality.
Allah told the Holy Prophet:

لَوْ لَاکَ لِماَ خَلَقْتَ الْاَ فْلَاکْ

Meaning: I would never have created the universe if I have not created you.

Allah blessed Prophet Mohammad with Prophethood before creation of Prophet Adam

The Holy Prophet himself said:

کُنْتُ نَبِیَّاً وَ آدَمُ بَیْنَ الْماَ ئِ وَالطِّیْن

Meaning: I was the prophet even at the time when Prophet Adam was in the process of creation i.e. between mud and water.

He also said:

اَناَ مِنْ نُّورِ اللّٰہِ وَ الْخَلَقُ کُلَّہُمْ مِنْْ نُّورِیْ

 Meaning: I am from the light of Allah and the entire creation is from me.

Prophet Mohammad is the First as well as the Last

It is to say, he is the very first in manifestation and the last in descent. Therefore, he is اوّل  the first as well as آخر the last.

Shaikh al-Akbar Mohiyuddin ibn Arabi illustrates his being the first and the last by the following example:

  • A trader wraps a carpet over his treasure and layers it with several cloths. When he will open the carpet, the cloth, which he would have put first, will come out last.

In his book, Shajra-tul-Koon, Ibn-e-Aarbi says:

“Same is the situation of the descent of the Holy Prophet that his sacred soul came into being first of all.  But he descended last of all. That is why; he is called the first and the last”.

نگاہِ عِشق و مستی میں وہی اوّل  ،  وہی آخر

وہی قُرآں، وہی فُرقاں، وہی یٰسٓ ،  وہی طہٰ

Meaning: In the eye of Divine love and passion, he is the first and the last. He is the Quran and Furqan and he himself is Yaseen and Ta’ha.

This is the same status where He is the totality.

اَلْکُلَّ فِیہِ وَ مِنْہُ وَ کَانَ عِنْدہٗ۔

Meaning: Everything is within him and from him. Everything was from him and will be from him. (Al-Insan al-Kamil)

لوح بھی تو قَلم بھی تو، تیرا وجود الکتاب

 گنبدِ آبگینہ رنگ تیرے محیط میں حُباب

Meaning: You are the Divine tablet (Lauh) and the Supreme Pen (Qalam) and you are the real Quran. The crystal coloured dome (sky) is just a bubble as compared to your Divine self.

Since, everything created from the light of Mohammad, it is just like a small particle as compared to him.

Reality of Prophet Mohammad

The light of Mohammad descended in human form in the world at its predefined time. Allah says about it:

اْ صْطَفٰی وَ ا حِدًا مِّنْ خَلْقِہِ ھُوَ مِنْھُمْ وَ لَیْسَ مِنْھُمْ

Meaning: Allah chose one from His creatures. He appears to be one of them but in reality, he is not.

His manifestation took place with perfection in this world. Here, humanism applied on him.

قُلۡ انَّمَاۤ  انَا بَشَرٌ  مِّثۡلُکُمۡ. سورۃ الکہف۔

Meaning: Say: ‘I look like you only as a man. (Al-Kahf-110)

Although, his reality of light was perfectly there but his humanism became a veil for some beholders. Resultantly, they could not see his reality behind his human appearance.

وَتَرٰا ھُمۡ یَنْظُرُونَ اِ لَیْکَ وَھُمْ لَا یُبْصِرُوْنَ

Meaning: And you watch, they look at you but see nothing. (Al-A’raf-198)

The lustrous and elegant beauty of the manifestation of the light moulded in the incarnation of humanism of Mohammad. Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh says:

مصطفی آئینہ رُوئے خدا ست

منعکس دَر وے ہمہ خوئے خدا ست

Meaning: Mustafa (Prophet Mohammad) is the mirror to the face of Allah. Therefore, he reflects the essence and all the attributes of Allah.

Love is the origin of Universe

Conclusion of the above discussion is that the origin of the universe is Divine love. Moreover, the creation of man is for the sake of Divine love. When Allah manifested souls from the light, they had inherited Divine love from the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Therefore, the passion of Divine love must arouse in the inward of the seeker for Vision of Allah (Deedar-e-Elahi). In fact, the relation of the soul and Allah is that of love. Without Divine love, neither the soul awakes nor can it find the Vision of Allah. Actually, Divine love is present in the form of a seed within the human being.

A way forward to Divine love

Although, it is dormant but awakes with spiritual attention of perfect spiritual guide. It awakes by invocation (zikr) and contemplation (tasawur) of Ism-e-Allah Zaat and inscribing Allah’s name on the body (mashq murqoom-e-wajudia).  As soon as it awakes, it starts loving Allah. The perfect Mystics state that ardent love is essential for the Vision of Allah. Therefore, the faith is imperfect without the Divine love.

Love is a guide on the Path of Faqr

The Divine love is like a guide who helps a seeker to reach in the court of Allah. Divine love takes a man ahead by following the spiritual path. Only, it blesses the seeker with the closeness of Allah. Only, it burns the flame of urge in the soul to meet Allah. Furthermore, it keeps the souls restless and anxious day and night for vision and union (visal). In addition, it intensifies the fire of separation and leads to the Vision of the Divine Reality (Haq).

Lover prefers Vision of Allah over paradise

The most respected lord (pbuh) of the universe, states about the lovers:

  • It is a hard luck for the lovers of Allah, if they have to live in paradise without the Vision of His Beauty. However, if the eagers find the hell along with His union, it is their great fortune and luck. (Asrar-e-Qadri)

Allah’s relation with the lovers is entirely different from all others. In fact, He deals with the exoteric religious scholars and Divine lovers differently. Moreover, Divine love leads to spiritual observation (Mushahida). Furthermore, it possesses esoteric knowledge but the intellect has superficial and exoteric knowledge only.

Lovers asked about Vision of Allah from Prophet Mohammad after Miraj

Sultan Bahoo has explained it in this way:

  • The path of love is not in the books of religion or community. It means the Lord of lords (Rub-ul-Arbab). When the Prophet returned blessed from the Miraj, first of all the lovers of Allah asked the Holy Prophet:

Did you see Allah?

He replied مَنْ رَانِی فَقَدْرَایَ الْحَق Whoever saw me, in fact, he saw Allah.

Afterwards the scholars asked: Did you see Allah?

Since the verse mentioned below revealed in his favour.

وَ مَا یَنۡطِقُ عَنِ الۡہَوٰی

Meaning: The Prophet does not speak out of his (own) desire. (An-Najm-3)

He replied (by the will of Allah)

تَفَکَّرُوْافِیْ آیَتِہِ وَلَاَ تَفَکَّرُوْافِی ذَاتِہٖ

Meaning: Meditate upon His signs but not about His Entity. (Mohabbat-ul-Asrar)

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani asked Allah about Love

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani stated in his booklet Ar Risala Tul Ghausia:

  • I saw Allah. Then I asked, “O Lord! What is meant by love?” He replied: O Ghawth al-Azam! Love Me, love for Me and I am Love Myself. Moreover, get your inward and actions free from everything other than Me. When you have recognized the outward love, it is essential for you to surpass the stages of (esoteric) love. As, it is also a veil between the lover and the Beloved. Hence, it is necessary for you to go beyond everything else other than Allah. In fact, everything other than Allah is a veil between the lover and the Beloved.

Salat of Lovers

Rabia of Basra said:

سجدہ  مستانہ  ام  با شد  نما ز

درد دل با او بود قرآن من

Explanation: To prostrate before the Beloved madly, is the real salat of the lovers. Moreover, the sadness of their passionate inwards is their recitation of the Holy Quran.

Love burns everything other than Allah

According to Rumi:

عشق آں شعلہ است کہ جوں بر فروخت

ہر کہ جز معشوق باشد جملہ سوخت

Explanation: Love is the flame, when flares up, burns everything except the Beloved.

Who cannot have love of Allah?

Khawaja Hafiz Shirazi stated:

  • The person who is not in love with Allah, surely all his prayers are in vain, deceitful and full of hypocrisy. (Deewan-e-Hafiz)

Bulleh Shah said in his poem Ne mein hun sunya (نی میں ہن سنیا):

  • The religious scholars and theologians cannot even think about the spiritual elevation. They cannot think of elevation at which the Divine lover reaches by crossing all the levels of knowledge and wisdom.

Mian Mohammad Bukhsh said:

جنہاں عشق خرید نہ کیتا عیویں آ بھُگتے

عشقے باہجھ محمد بخشا کیا آدم کیا کُتّے

Explanation: Those who do not possess the Divine love, their life is useless and worthless. Without the love, there is no difference between a man and dog.

جس دِل اندر عشق نہ رچیا کُتے اس تھیں چنگے

خاوند دے گھر راکھی کردے صابر بُھکے ننگے

Explanation: Dogs are better than the people who do not cherish Divine love. As they look after their master’s house patiently even when the master does not feed them. No matter their master kicks them out, they continue serving their master.

Iqbal like all Mystics declared ‘faith’ as incomplete without the love of Allah.

عقل و دل و نگاہ کا مرشدِ اوّلین ہے عشق

عشق نہ ہو تو شرع و دین بت کدۂ تصورات

  • Explanation: If a person is in love with Allah, he becomes a Muslim even being a pagan. If Divine love is not there even a Muslim becomes a hypocrite and heretic. Because he prefers worldliness to the love of Allah and it is infidelity.

Love is the Key to Faqr

  • According to Iqbal, Divine love is the key to the path of Faqr, and only love takes to the destination of union with Allah (visal-e-Elahi). Moreover, the path of Faqr is the path of love. No one can gain exalted blessings of Faqr without love.

Love is compulsory to become a Muslim

In fact, Allama Mohammad Iqbal does not consider him Muslim who does not have love.

مسلم ار عاشق نباشد کافر است

Meaning: If the Muslim is not an ardent lover of Allah, he is not a Muslim. Rather he is an infidel.

از نگاہ عشق خاراشق بود

عشق حق آخر سراپا حق بود

Meaning: Even a single glance of love can break the rocks. The love of Divine reality itself becomes a complete manifestation of Divine reality at its final station.

Love is foundation of Oneness

Love is the foundation and soul of Oneness (Tauheed). Moreover, without love Oneness is like an empty sheath without a sword.

عاشقی؟ توحید را بر دل زدن

وانگہے خود را بہر مشکل زدن

Meaning: What is Divine love? It is to foster the Oneness of Allah in the inward and then encounter every difficulty coming in the way of truth.  So that, the Oneness becomes mature in the true sense in one’s inward and mind.

Teachings of Sultan Bahoo on Divine love

According to the teachings of Sultan Bahoo, Divine love is the key to eternal success. Furthermore, love takes one to the court of Allah.

عاشق بیچارہ را جان باجاناں است

کہ ہر دم شوق خوش ترانہ آمد

Meaning: The poor lover is always engrossed in the Beloved and ecstatically sings beautiful songs in His love. (Ain-ul-Faqr)

عشق دانی چیست؟ کشتن نفس خویش

روز و شب سوزش بود دِل را ریش

Meaning: Do you know what love is? In fact, it is to kill yourself. It is due to the ardent love that the inward of lover is ever suffering from the pangs of pain. (Mahek-ul-Faqr Kalan)

تاتو در عشق ز خود باخبری

ہمہ در معرضِ خوف و خطری

چوں ز خویشت نہ بود ہیچ خبر

ز آب و آتش نہ بود  ہیچ ضرر

چوں کہ از ہستی خود وارستی

روکہ بہ دلبر خود پیوستی


  1. As long as, you remain conscious of yourself in love, you would be in fear and danger.
  2. Whereas when you will start loving Allah so madly that you become unconscious of yourself. Then no water or fire will harm you.
  3. When you will get liberation from your own being, you will find union with the Beloved.
  4. The Divine lovers are neither scared nor frightened of anybody’s reproach. (Mehak-ul-Faqr Kalan)

Faith is merely a waystation for Lover

The most precious asset of life of a believer (Mumin) is his faith. However, for a lover it is only a waystation. Therefore, the destination of the lover is Divine union. One can reach this destination of Divine love. When the fire of love becomes severe, the lover painfully feels separated from the Allah. The desire for meeting the Beloved keeps on intensifying. Moreover, this fire of separation keeps the lover, anxious and restless day and night for union.

In fact, fire of love burns innerself (nafs), which is a veil between Allah and the soul. Resultantly, one can have Vision of Allah. Furthermore, Vision of Allah makes the lover more passionate and his urge for union increases. Then, the fire of love burns the self of the lover. Thus, he annihilates in the light (Noor) of Allah. In this way, he annihilates in Allah (fana fi Allah). Ultimately, he gains the blessings of union. Thus, he finds the secret of Oneness.

Sultan Bahoo rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh says:

  • Divine love is a subtle passion, which arouses in the inward from the hidden. In addition, it does not find peace from anyone but the Divine Beloved. (Mohkim-ul-Fuqara)

Exalted Stations of Lover

  • The invocation done with Divine love takes high flight. A fly can never approach to the heights attained by a falcon. No matter, if it tries hard and soars thousand times. Similarly, an ascetic can never find the Divine secrets even if he goes through hard ascetic discipline. Any teacher in any institution does not teach the lesson of love because it is a grand trust. Moreover, the tradition of Divine love is to be indifferent to the whole world. Actually, an ardent lover of Allah always seeks death so that he spiritually reaches the station of no station.  As death of a lover means union with the Beloved. (Ain-ul-Faqr)

Types of Fakir

  • You must know that there are two kinds of Fakirs. First are the spiritual travellers while others are the Divine lovers. In fact, the spiritual travellers are the men of mystic struggle and endeavours. While the lovers are the men of Divine secrets and observations. In short, the final level of a spiritual traveller is just the beginning of the Divine lover. It is because the nutrition of lovers is the spiritual endeavours and their sleep is the Divine observation.

The Holy Prophet said about the Divine lovers;

Meaning: Although, their bodies are in the world but inwards are in the hereafter. (Mohkim-ul-Fuqara)

  • Divine love is like a skilful jeweller. The one who checks and identifies the pure gold as pure and the impure as impure. (Ain-ul-Faqr)
  • Listen O ascetic, the labourer of paradise! The nutrition of lovers of Allah is all Divine light. Moreover, their stomach is like burning stove and their sleep is actually the Divine union and presence.(Mohkim-ul-Fuqara)

Lovers reach their destination by invoking Hoo

He explains the identity of the lover as:

بَاھُوعاشقاں رارازایں است ذکرِ’ھُو‘ گوید

مدام دم بدم ’’ ھُو ‘‘ ذکرگوید کارآن گرددتمام

Explanation: O Bahoo! The secret of lovers is that they ever remain engrossed in the invocation of Hooھُو  ). Therefore, they reach their destination by invoking Hoo ( ھُو  ) with their every breath. (Ain-ul-Faqr)

Sultan Bahoo stated about the Divine lover in his book, Nur-ul-Huda Kalan:

  • The perfect and accomplished Mystic is the lover, while the absolute and supreme Mystic is the beloved of Allah. The highest station of a Fakir is Vision of Allah. The Fakir who is an ardent lover of Allah is the beloved of the Holy Prophet. This saying of the Fakir is not self-fabricated but it is according to the sacred verse:

O Beloved! You remain in the company of those, who always request for the vision of Allah day and night. Leaving them, your eyes must not move about in search of the beauties of the world. Moreover, do not obey him whose inward I have turned oblivious of My invocation. (In fact) he is the slave of the desires of his inciting innerself and he is always violating the limits.” (Al-Kahf-28)

Allah is compensation of Lover

This Qudsi Hadith is also about the lovers, Allah says:

مَنْ طَلَبَنِیْ فَقَدَْ وَ جَدَنِیْ ط  وَمَنْ وَ جَدَنِیْ عَرَ فَنِیْ ط وَ مَنْ عَرَفَنِیْ اَحَبَّنِیْ ط   وَمَنْ اَحَبَّنِیْ عَشَقَنِیْ ط  وَ مَنْ عَشَقَنِیْ قَتَلْتُلہ‘ ط  وَ مَنْ قَتَلْتُلہ‘ فَعَلَیَّ دِ یَّتَہ‘  ط   وَ اَ نَادِ یَّتَہ

Meaning: Whoever seeks Me, undoubtedly, he finds Me. The one finds Me, he recognizes Me. Whoever recognizes Me, he begins to love Me. The one who loves Me, he becomes My lover. And I kill him whoever loves Me passionately. Whomever I kill, the compensation is due on Me and I am Myself his compensation.

زیں مراتب ِ عا شقاں  مذکور شُد

ابتدأ ہم نو ُر آخر نو ُر شُد

Explanation: The status of the lovers is that their beginning as well as their extreme stage is the Divine light. (Nur-ul-Huda)

Stages of Lover

As Allah says:

نُوۡرٌ عَلٰی نُوۡرٍ ؕ یَہۡدِی اللّٰہُ  لِنُوۡرِہٖ مَنۡ یَّشَآءُ

Meaning: Divine light is the absolute light (light upon light). Allah blesses whom He wishes with His light. (An-Nur-35)

  • Know! There are two stages of the lover. In the beginning, he is a lover (ashiq) and at the end, he becomes a beloved (mashuk). Moreover, the mystic exercise (riyazat) of the passionate lover is the Vision of Allah. Furthermore, invocation (zikr), meditation (fikr) and recitals are forbidden for an elevated lover. In fact, he has no concern with virtues or evils or seeking personal desires. (Nur-ul-Huda Kalan)

The seekers of Divine Truth know that to sacrifice one’s life is not a difficult in the way of Truth. Rather, the difficult task is to remain alive and kill the innerself. Moreover, real difficulty is to evict personal will for Allah’s will.

Die before Death

‘Die before death’ implies to kill your own wishes and submit to Allah perfectly. Although it is very difficult to attain it but love makes it easier for the lover. As it gives courage to annihilate his innerself and sacrifice everything for happiness, closeness, Vision and Union of Allah.  Sultan Bahoo says:

باھو عشق را بام بلند است اسم اللہ  نرد بان

ہر مکانے بے نشانے می برد در لامکان

Explanation: O Bahoo! The roof of Divine love is very high. Therefore, the ladder to reach it is the invocation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. Moreover, it will take you to every waystation, even to the station of no station. (Ain-ul-Faqr)

How one can gain Divine Love?

Now the question arises, how the hidden passion of Divine love will awake in ourselves.  In fact, we love those things and people we see. On the other hand, Allah is incorporeal. How can we love Him? According to perfect Mystics (Fuqara Kamileen) one can awake Divine love through metaphorical love i.e. love of spiritual guide (Ishq-e-Majazi). Usually, people consider the metaphorical love as love between man and woman. In fact, this is merely a lust and evil. Moreover, sharia does not allow it. In short, on the path of Faqr the metaphorical love means love of the spiritual guide (Ishq-e-Murshid).

Love of Spiritual Guide in Spiritual Chains

In all the spiritual chains, the seeker contemplates the image of his spiritual guide. Now a day, in some of the chains, devotees specially use picture for this purpose. Therefore, the seeker remains engrossed in imagining and thinking about his spiritual guide. However, this method is deceptive. Actually, this method is a form of idol worship and polytheism (shirk). As, it is the human nature to develop love for the one in whose imaginations he ever remains absorbed.

Love of Spiritual Guide in Sarwari Qadri Chain

On the other hand, in Sarwari Qadri way, seekers never adopt this method. In fact, in Sarwari Qadri chain it, the metaphorical love grows through the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. It means, when the seeker starts contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, he gets the image of the Murshid first. Consequently, the journey of passionate love for spiritual guide begins. This method has two advantages. Firstly, there is no deception because it has gained through Ism-e-Allah Zaat. Secondly, because of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, it is a confirmation for a disciple that his spiritual guide is the perfect.  Moreover, he is on Sirat-e-Mustqeem (the straight path). Then, this love turns into the love of Prophet Mohammad sall’Allahu alayhi wa’alihi wasallam. Afterwards, it transforms into Divine love. Resultantly, the seeker climbs up the destination of annihilation and immortality with Allah (fana fi Allah and baqa Billah).

Steps of Spiritual Journey

In other spiritual chains, there is a long journey towards Allah. Therefore, seekers follows three steps:

  1. Firstly, the meditation (muraqbah) of annihilation in spiritual guide (fana-fi-Shaikh)
  2. Then the meditation of annihilation in the Prophet (fana-fi-Rasool)
  3. In the end, seeker performs meditation of annihilation in Allah by of Ism-e-Allah Zaat.

This process requires a long time. However, in the Sarwari Qadri order, the spiritual guide grants contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat on the very first day. In this way, the extreme point of the other chains is just the beginning of the Sarwari Qadri way.

Face of Spiritual Guide is Divine Secret

Shams of Tabriz tells about the love of Murshid:

عشق معراج است سوئے بام سلطان ازل

از رخ عاشق فرد خواں قصہ معراج را

Explanation: Only Divine love can provide access to the court of Allah. If you want to know the truth behind Miraj then, fix your eyes on the face of a Murshid Kamil.

Jami says:

غنیمت داں اگر عشق مجا ز یست

کہ از بہر حقیقت کار ساز یست

Explanation: If you are destined for the love of the spiritual guide, consider it your good fortune. Because, only this is the source of Divine love.

Love of Spiritual Guide is the fountainhead of Lover

According to Bulleh Shah the metaphorical love of spiritual guide is the fountainhead of love of Allah.

جے چر نہ عشق مجازی لاگے

سوئی سیوے نہ بن دھاگے

عشق  مجازی  داتا  ہے

جس پچھے مست ہو جاتا ہے

Meaning: A person can never ascend to the love of Allah without the love of spiritual guide. Just as a needle cannot sew without a thread.  Similarly, one cannot gain Divine love without love of the spiritual guide.

Mian Mohammad Bakhsh expounds:

میں نیواں میرا مرشد اچا اسی اچیاں دے سنگ لائی

صدقے جاواں انہاں اچیاں توں جِنہاں نیویاں دے نال نبھائی

Meaning: I am a very humble and a common person. However, I am proud that my spiritual guide is perfect and supreme. Therefore, he blesses me according to his grandeur. Moreover, he always kept me under his protection and took me to my destination.

Ism-e-Allah Zaat flares up the Love

Sultan Bahoo also considers the love of the spiritual guide the mean of ascending to Divine love. Most of his Punjabi couplets are about Divine love:

الف اللہ صحی کیتوسے جداں‘ چمکیا عشق اگوہاں ھُو

رات دیہاں دیوے تاہ تکھیرے‘ نِت کرے اگوہاں سوہاں ھُو

اندر بھائیں اندر بالن ،اندر دے وِچ دُھوہاں ھُو

باھوؒ شوہ تداں لدھیوسے‘ جداں عشق کیتوسے سوہاں ھُو

Explanation: When the reality of Ism-e-Allah Zaat disclosed upon me, the fire of love flared up within me. Moreover, due to its intense heat, the anxiety and restlessness for meeting the Beloved is increasing. Consequently, this fire of love is forcing me to step further in the path of Faqr towards the next waystation. When I learnt to follow the customs and rules of love properly, I had found the Beloved (Allah).

Love and Faith

ایمان سلامت ہر کوئی منگے‘ عِشق سلامت کوئی ھُو

منگن اِیمان شرماون عشقوں‘ دِل نوں غیرت ہوئی ھُو

جس منزل نوں عشق پچاوے‘ اِیمان نوں خبر نہ کوئی ھُو

میرا عشق سلامت رکھیں باھوؒ، اِیمانوں دیاں دھروئی ھُو

Explanation: Everyone wants to save his faith, but no one wants to have the treasure of ardent love. In fact, only seekers of Allah desires it. The seekers of the world and heaven are pseudo seekers. Therefore, they only wish the safety of their faith and are afraid of seeking the love of Allah. Actually, they know that it is not an easy way. In my inward, the honour of Faqr and love is arising. In fact, the destination of Divine closeness to which love has access, faith does not even know about it.  He prays and requests his spiritual guide to save his love. Moreover, he prays for perseverance upon love because love is more endear to him than faith.

ثابت عشق تنہاں نوں لَدھّا، جِنہاں تَرَٹیّ چَوڑ چا کیتی ھُو

نہ اوہ صوفی نہ اوہ صافی، نہ سجدہ کرن مسیتی ھُو

خالص نِیل پرانے اُتے، نہیں چڑھدا رنگ مجیٹھی ھُو

قاضی آن شرع وَل باھوؒ، کدیں عشق نماز نہ نیتی ھُو

Explanation: Only those gains the blessings of Divine love who sacrifice all their possessions for closeness of Allah. The passionate lovers of Allah desire neither spiritual status nor rank. Moreover, they do not try to be pious, by remaining busy in prayers in the mosques. Rather, they remains drowned in the vision of Allah by Divine love. Their love for Allah is so strong that pleasures of both the world cannot attract them. Whereas the religious scholars always advise to follow the principles of sharia (shariat) only. Therefore, they never allow themselves as well as umma (ummat / ummah) keep restricted to the devotions. Hence, they never move ahead to the true and intrinsic prayer of Divine love.

Station of Lovers is ahead of Divine Throne

عاشقاں ہِکو وُضو جو کیتا‘ روز قیامت تائیں ھُو

وِچ نماز رکوع سجودے‘ رہندے سنج صباحیں ھُو

اَیتھے اوتھے دوہیں جہانیں‘ سبھ فقر دِیاں جائیں ھُو

عرش کولوں سَے منزل اَگے باھوؒ، پیا کم تنہائیں ھُو

Explanation: Lovers of Allah have taken their ablution with the love since the day of Divine covenant (Ruz-e-Alast). This ablution will last till the Day of Judgment. Therefore, they remain lost in bowing and prostrating at the Divine door. In fact, only Faqr has the true honour and glory in both the realms. Therefore, the station of the Divine lovers is far ahead of throne.

Glory of Lovers

غوث قطب سب اُورے اُوریرے‘ عاشق جان اگیرے ھُو

جِس منزل تے عاشق پہنچن‘ اُتھے غوث نہ پاون پھیرے ھُو

عاشق وِچ وصال دے رہندے‘ جنہاں لامکانی ڈیرے ھُو

میں قربان تنہاںتوں باھوؒ، جنہاں ذاتوں ذات بسیرے ھُو

Explanation: Although, the al-Ghawth (Ghaus) and al-Qutbs hold high ranks but they can never reach the station of Divine lover. Moreover, they can never have such closeness of Allah (Qurb-e-Elahi), which passionate lovers have. The passionate lovers of Allah dwell in the station of no station (La-Makan). Therefore, they always remain united with Allah. Sultan Bahoo says that may I sacrifice myself for these lovers who have reached the station of fana by annihilating their own beings.

According to the teachings of Sultan Bahoo, love is that spiritual passion which unites the creation with the Creator. Due to love, a seeker annihilates himself in Allah by renouncing pleasures of nafs, satanic whisper and all the sins. In short, the seekers must know that Divine love originates from love of spiritual guide.

Lover becomes Beloved at ultimate station of love

At extreme level of love, a lover becomes the beloved and Beloved (Allah) becomes his Lover. Sultan Bahoo says in Nur-ul-Huda Kalan:

The absolute love is that the lover becomes beloved by loving Allah persistently and sincerely. Moreover, the Beloved becomes the Lover. In fact, the status of Faqr is that of belovedness. Whatever the beloved (seeker of Allah) wishes, the Lover (Allah) blesses him. Rather whichever thought flashes into the beloved’s mind, Lover instantly fulfills the wish of His beloved.

Allama Iqbal says:

خودی کو کر بلند اتنا کہ ہر تقدیر سے پہلے

خدا بندے سے خود پوچھے بتا تیری رضا کیا ہے

Explanation: Elevate yourself to a such Divine closeness that He may always ask you about your will, before manifesting His destiny.

Lover becomes Beloved

چوں تمام افتد سراپا نازمی گردد نیاز

قیس را لیلیٰ ہمی نامند در صحرائے من

Explanation: When love reaches its perfection, it transforms into the belovedness. Hence, Qais (Majnun) becomes Layla in the desert of love. Therefore, it means, when the love of a lover is perfected he becomes the beloved.

As the words of Bulleh Shah express:

رانجھا رانجھا کردی نی میں آپے رانجھا ہوئی

آکھو نی مینوں  دھیدو رانجھا ہیر نہ آکھے کوئی

Explanation: Invoking Ranjha’s name continuously, I have annihilated in Ranjha and has become Ranjha myself. O my friends! Please do not call me Heer any more, rather, call me Ranjha.  As now, he is I and I am he.

In this verse, Heer is a symbolic character referring to the seeker and Ranjha symbolically refers to spiritual guide.

Comparison between Knowledge, Wisdom and Divine Love (Ishq-e-Haqeeqi)

The source of wisdom is brain while the centre of love is inward. Inward is the manifestation of Allah. Moreover, the base of all the worldly knowledge is intellect and wisdom. One gains all the material knowledge through wisdom. Therefore, it increases the intellect and wisdom as well. Human intellect and its knowledge have limitation. They develop on the information received within the dimensions of time and space. Hence, they keep the man bounded within the limitations of time and space.

In fact, human brain does not have the capability of thinking beyond these dimensions.  While Allah is beyond these limitations, so man cannot gain gnosis of Allah on the basis of intellect and knowledge. However, the realm of love crosses the boundaries of his knowledge and intellect. Therefore, the power of love takes him to station of no station. In this way, he meets and sees his Beloved Allah.

Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi says:

  •  We can never describe love of Allah by intellect and knowledge.

He further says:

عِشق آمد عقل خود آوارہ شُد

شمس آمد شمعِ خود بیچارہ شُد

Meaning: When the passion of Ishq aroused in my being, the poor intellect became useless. As when the sun rises, there is no need of the candle.

رہ عقل جُز پیچ در پیچ نیست

رہ عاشقاں جُز خدا ہیچ نیست

Meaning: The path of intellect is very complicated, but the path of the lovers is none other than love of Allah.

Hurdles in the path of Love

Sultan Bahoo says:

Knowledge and intellect are a great hurdle in the path of Divine love. There is such a pleasure and ecstasy in the love of Allah that if an excellent scholar finds a little bit of it, he will be lost in it forgetting all his knowledge. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

He says in his Punjabi couplets:

عشق سمندر چڑھ گیا فلک تے‘ کتول جہاز کچیوے ھُو

عقل فکر دِی ڈونڈی نوں‘ چا پہلے پور بوڑیوے ھُو

کڑکن کپڑ پوون لہراں ‘جد وحدت وِچ وڑیوے ھُو

جس مرنے تھیں خلقت ڈردی باھوؒ ،عاشق مرے تاں جیوے ھُو

The river of passionate love of Allah has taken us to the fathomless ocean of Divine Oneness. Faqr is simply the path of love; intellect has none of its business with it. Therefore, by drowning the useless boat of intellect, save yourself from it on the very first day of your love. When the seeker enters the ocean of Oneness, he has to encounter many dangers, troubles, and calamities. The masses are frightened of these troubles and death. However, the passionate lover is destined to be eternally alive after his physical death.


In fact, the game of love is a unique.  Restless, anxious and sincere seekers play it. They play it in the love of Allah by getting out of the limits of wisdom and intellect. Moreover, they play it by keeping their lives and wealth at stake. If they prove sincerity of their passion, they gain the presence in the Mohammadan Assembly and Divine vision. In short, it is evident and proved that only the love opens the door to the vision of Allah. Otherwise, thousands of caravans of wisdom ruined in trying to understand the secret of Allah but could not. Only, Saints and Mystics got the blessing of vision of Allah and found the secrets of Allah through love.

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