Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman

Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr, Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman is the 31st Shaikh of the Sarwari Qadri order.  Sarwari Qadri order originates from the Prophet, consequently reaches the Mohammadan umma (nation) through Ali ibn Abi Talib. This chain spiritually passed to many great Saints in a continuous manner, consequently reached Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani.  From where it reached Sultan Bahoo.  Presently Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman is its spiritual guide. Sultan ul Faqr 6th Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali blessed him with succession.

Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Arains trace back to Shaikh Saleem Al-Raee, whose genealogy meets Prophet Mohammad’s genealogy, six steps backward at “Loee”.

Shaikh Saleem Al-Raees’ son Shaikh Habib Al-Raee was a Saint of highest cadre.  It is important to mention that he gained beneficence from Salman the Persian. Moreover, Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali ibn Usman al-Hajveri has also mentioned about Shaikh Habib Al-Raee.  Such as in his famous book Kashf-ul-Mahjub he writes:

“Shaikh Habib Al-Raee son of Shaikh Saleem Al-Raee  is among the Saints of the highest level.  Moreover, he is the leader of all the Saints and holds a great status. There are a number of signs, which prove his grand status. He was among the companions of Salman the Persian. Moreover, he related Hadith from Prophet Mohammad that:

نِیَّتِ الْمُؤْمِنِ خَیْرٌ مِّنْ عَمَلِہٖ

Meaning: A believer’s intention is better than his action. (Kashf-ul-Mahjub)

Shaikh Habib Al-Raee’s son Shaikh Haleem Al-Raee came to India from Arab with Mohammad Bin Qasim for preaching. Afterwards, Shaikh Haleem Al-Raee and his family settled in India.  Their progeny got name of Raeen. In fact, it changed to Arain with the passage of time.

Before the partition of the subcontinent, Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman’s ancestors lived in Mudhan village, Jalandhar India. After the creation of Pakistan, they migrated to Pakistan sacrificing many lives and all their property. In Pakistan, they initially settled in Shahkot, Lyallpur (present Faisalabad). Then Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman’s father Abdul Hameed shifted to Bakhshan Khan, Tehsil Chishtian, District Bahawalnagar, Pakistan.

The Parents of Sultan ul Ashiqeen


Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman’s father was Abdul Hameed. He was born on February 8, 1931 (21 Ramadan, 1349 H) Sunday at Madhan Tehsil Nakodar, District Jalandhar, India. He got education upto middle standard and started working with his father in agriculture. Alongside, he also learnt accounts from a Hindu that paid him a lot in his practical life. He was punctual about offering his midnight (Tahajjud) prayer. Therefore he used to stay awake worshipping Allah at night since his early age. Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman says that he had never seen his father ever missing any voluntary prayers, let alone missing the compulsory ones. He used to offer supererogatory prayers (nafl) getting up at the half-passed night, then recited the Holy Quran from midnight until dawn. After offering Fajr (dawn salat) prayer, he used to do invocation (zikr or dhikr) of Allah’s name until sunrise.


Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman’s mother name was Kaneez Fatima. She was daughter of Chaudhry Sharf Din. She born in Jalandhar city on Saturday, 4, August 1934 (23 Rabi-al-awwal, 1353 H). Her father Sharf Din was a secondary school teacher. She had received education till middle standard at the time of creation of Pakistan. Her father died a few months before Pakistan came into being. After migration, her family settled in Montgomery (Sahiwal). Moreover, her wedding took place with Abdul Hameed on Thursday 13, March 1958 (21 Shaban, 1377 H).

Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman’s mother was a great lover of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Furthermore, she had love for People of the Cloak and al-Ghawth al-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Therefore, she used to celebrate Mawlid. In addition, she used to commemorate Ashura (10th of Muharram, the martyrdom of Imam Hussain) with great respect. Moreover, she used to hold sessions devotedly in the remembrance of martyrs of battle of Karbala. Beside this, she used to hold gatherings for Fatimah tuz-Zahra. She also used to celebrate regularly the 11th of every Islamic month in remembrance of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. During her everyday routine, she used to recite repeatedly aloud with great devotion:

یَانَبیِ سَلاَمُ عَلَیْکَ یَارَسُوْلْ سَلَامْ عَلَیْکَ

Meaning: Salutations upon you O beloved Prophet.

Effect of Charismatic Personality of his Mother on Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman has a great influence of his mother’s nature on his life and personality. Apparently, he also resembles a lot to his mother.

Death of Parents

She died on Wednesday June 6, 1990 (12 Ziqa’ad or Dhul al-Qadah 1410 H) at 3:00 a.m. in Lahore, Pakistan. Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman’s father died in 2004 on Friday, June 18 (29 Rabi ath-thani 1425 H) at 10:00 p.m. His parents are buried in the graveyard of Kareem Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Pakistan. Entering the graveyard from northern side, in front of the college, on the right side are the graves. Moreover, there are also the graves of his beloved daughter and father in law.


The sacred birth of Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman took place on Wednesday, 19th August 1959 in Bakhshan Khan, Tehsil Chishtian, Bahawalnagar District, Pakistan. Islamic date is 14th Safar, 1379 H. Time was at 4:30 a.m.


Since eternity, Allah has chosen Sultan ul Ashiqeen for the Treasure of Faqr. So the Divine Light illuminates upon his countenance since birth. Once, a Fakir viewed his celestial forehead and told his mother; “Allah has chosen your son for a sacred purpose.  Allah has written a special destiny on his forehead. Therefore, he will spend his whole life under the supervision of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Moreover he will prepare him spiritually to execute a very special responsibility”. On another occasion, a Dervish said, “Your son is a leader. Wherever he will go, he will lead”. Hence, to prepare him to execute the hardest duty, he passed through severe hardships since the early life.


Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman started his regular education from Dipalpur District Okara, Pakistan. In spite of financial crisis, he completed the Quranic and other religious education due to his God gifted qualities. Since childhood, he found peace and spiritual tranquillity in getting theu knowledge of religion because of his love for Allah. Moreover, not only the Quran but other books also about Islam and Islamic history attracted his attention the utmost. In addition, he completed his matriculation from Government High School Dipalpur, District Okara. It is noteworthy that his writing skills also started manifesting from childhood. Hence, he began to write essays in the children sections of newspapers during his fifth standard. Therefore, his essays have been publishing in the children’s editions of renowned newspapers. Such as, Roznama (Daily) Wafaq Lahore, Roznama Masawat Lahore, Roznama Mashriq Lahore and Roznama Imroze Lahore. His family had been facing financial problems since his childhood, so he could not continue his education regularly. Even in such crucial conditions, he did his intermediate in 1980. Moreover, he did graduation in 1983 in first division as a private student alongside doing part time jobs.

Practical Life

In 1983, Okara officially became a district. Therefore, many district offices were present there. He worked in a district office but he knew that it was not possible to progress in this city. So, he had been often visiting Lahore for interviews and exams for different designations. At last, he got a government job in 1985 in Lahore. Consequently, he migrated to Lahore on April 12, 1985. In short, this migration proved to be a blessing, which opened all avenues of financial comfort. He continued this job with devotion and hard work for twenty-eight years. Afterwards he got retirement in December 2013.

After shifting to Lahore, he married and had started a happy and well-settled life. Soon, he overcame the attraction of wealth and an intense desire arose to get closeness of Allah. Despite all the luxuries, his inward was not contented. Moreover, he was unable to find peace in any worldly pleasure. Therefore, to find satisfaction of soul he started to meditate and pray excessively.

Search for Divine Truth

He was only thirty-seven when he devoted himself completely to Allah. Gradually, his soul became more and more anxious to meet his Beloved. This created an upheaval in his inward.

Once, in the days of his service, he got out of the office to offer noon (Dhuhr) prayer. A middle-aged man dressed strangely encountered him suddenly and said, “The period of Allah’s beneficence upon you has started.  Sustain your condition in the same way”. Sultan ul Ashiqeen asked the man, “Who are you?” He replied, “I am the one who shows the right path to people and guides them. Therefore I have come only to see you”. At first, Sultan-ul- Ashiqeen thanked and had stepped ahead. Only after a few steps, a thought flashed that how the man knew his inner state. At once! Sultan ul Ashiqeen returned and searched that man but he had disappeared. On inquiring about him from the people around, he came to know that no one had seen such a man around.

Spiritual Oath of Allegiance

Presence in Mohammadan Assembly

It was the night of 12th April 1997. Sultan ul Ashiqeen had offered supererogatory prayer after midnight. He was offering salutation to Prophet Mohammad. All of a sudden his esoteric self was enlightened. Consequently, he found himself in the Mohammadan Assembly (Majlis-e-Mohammadi). The eternal Divine light, the Holy Prophet was sitting in the middle. Furthermore, Ali ibn Abi Talib, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain were sitting on his right side. While on his left were Abu Bakr Siddiq, Umar ibn Khattab, and Usman ibn Affan. After them on the left side, there were the leaders of the four spiritual orders. Sultan ul Ashiqeen remained stunned with awe and majesty of the Mohammadan Assembly. He was about to collapse with surprise and fear.

Legacy of Hasan ibn Ali

Meanwhile Ali ibn Abi Talib, stepped ahead and held his hand in his own hand. After this, he presented him before the Holy Prophet letting him sit by the sacred feet of the Prophet. Respected Ali said to the Prophet, “My lord, he is Najib ur Rehman. He is your slave and is the spiritual son of your dear daughter (Fatimah tuz-Zahra). She has selected him to grant her legacy (of Faqr). For your approval, she has presented him to your court”.

Listening that, Sultan ul Ashiqeen bowed at Prophet Mohammad’s sacred feet, the beloved Lord of both the worlds. The Prophet acknowledged recommendation by his dear daughter and had accepted. He said, “Now he is our spiritual son but the legacy of which son may be granted to him?” Imam Hassan requested him, “Respected grandfather! My mother has asked for granting him my legacy”. The Prophet, holding Sultan ul Ashiqeen from shoulders, lifted him from his feet and said, “You are my spiritual son and heir. You would benefit a whole era and we would make you our manifestation. You have pleased my dear daughter and we are pleased with you.”

Oath of Allegiance

Prophet Mohammad then stretched his hands towards him for oath of allegiance. So, Sultan ul Ashiqeen held the sacred hands of the Prophet and took oath of allegiance. After that, the Holy Prophet looked at the spiritual guides of the four orders. Then he said to Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, “You have his spiritual legacy.” After that, he handed him over to Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. He said, “He is our darling daughter’s spiritual son and now he is our spiritual son. You are entrusted to give him spiritual knowledge”.

Sultan ul Ashiqeen describes that he kissed the feet of the People of Cloak and Rashidun Caliphs on having such a blessing. Everyone congratulated him and caressed his head. Afterwards, Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani having permission of the Holy Prophet came back along with Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman from the Mohammadan Assembly. Therefore, started his spiritual training.

Physical Oath of Allegiance (Bayat)

Search of Spiritual Guide

In January 1998, Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ordered Sultan ul Ashiqeen to search for a living spiritual guide. Therefore, he visited different places within and outside Lahore. Furthermore, he met many guides but any one of them did not satisfy him. In February 1998, he had a dream. In which an attractive man with an enlightened face said, “Come my son, I am waiting for you”. On waking up, he was surprised and started his quest for that awe-inspiring face. However, many days passed and his search could not meet the destination.

Moreover, there was no sign or indication even from Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and Data Ganj Bakhsh. Again, in March 1998, he dreamt about that spectacular face of Sultan ul Faqr VI. He said, “Son! You have struggled a lot and suffered through many hardships. Now come to me”. He added while pointing to the Ism-e-Allah Zaat, “I have this trust of yours. I have been waiting for you for long to entrust it to you”.

12th April, 1998

However, the situation remained the same as to where could that face be found? Again, he started his struggle. On 12th April 1998, early morning he reached the shrine of Sultan Bahoo.  Sultan Bahoo said, “You are my beloved as well. Just go to Sultan Mohammad Abdul Aziz’s shrine, there you will find your spiritual guide Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali.  He is the one you were looking for”. Then he said, “Go! Your spiritual guide is waiting for you. Have your legacy from him”.

Immediately, he reached the shrine of Sultan Mohammad Abdul Aziz. As soon as he entered the room, he saw the same charming face of his dream. Finally, he felt as if he had found the treasure of both the worlds. Sultan ul Faqr 6th Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali looked at him and said, “So you have come”. Only he could hear his spiritual guide’s words in the room full of people. Sultan ul Faqr took his oath after sunset salat (Maghrib prayer or Nimaz-e-Maghrib). The date was 12th April, 1998 (15th Zilhaj or Dhul al-Hijjah, 1418 H) Monday night. The very first day he became the beloved of his spiritual guide. From that day onwards till today he is stationed at the highest levels of belovedness which are elevating every moment day by day.

Services of Sultan ul Ashiqeen for his Spiritual Guide

Annihilation in Spiritual Guide

He got so much absorbed in the Divine love of his spiritual guide so that he forgot his own existence. All his friendships, relations and other worldly matters lost their importance. Moreover, his main concern and first priority was the comfort and happiness of his spiritual guide. Therefore, he was ready to sacrifice his entire wealth for merely one smile or a glance of love from his beloved spiritual guide.

Duties Assigned by Spiritual Guide

He took upon the duty of making clothes for his Murshid for all seasons. Moreover, dresses of all the events such as Eid and urs (death anniversaries) of spiritual guides. In addition, he did this duty throughout the life with such devotion that he forgot to get his own dresses. When he made his house in Mustafa Town Lahore, he got a room specially made for his spiritual guide.

Mahnama Mirat-ul-Arifeen Lahore

Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali assigned him the duty of publishing the Magazine “Mahnama Mirat-ul-Arifeen Lahore” as its chief editor.


In November 2001, Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali assigned Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman the duty to establish “Maktaba-ul-Arifeen”. Apart from this, Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman also devoted his house in Education Town.

Ism-e-Allah Zaat

His spiritual guide assigned him auspicious duty of preparing the gold Ism-e-Allah Zaat as well as the printed ones. In all honesty, he performed this duty throughout the remaining life of Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali. A few moments before his demise, he called up Sultan ul Ashiqeen on phone to inquire about this particular duty.

Treasury of Islahi Jamat

He also gave the responsibility of Bait-ul-Maal (Treasury) of Islahi Jamat to Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman. As in the matters of money, he could trust only him.

Supervisor of Islahi Jamat.

In November 2001, Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali made him the supervisor of Islahi Jamat, Lahore. He made so many efforts for its progress.

In 2001, Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali intended to perform Hajj. He told Sultan ul Ashiqeen, “This Hajj is important for you and me as well”. Sultan ul Ashiqeen had already spent all his wealth in the way of Allah.  Therefore, he had to sell his car to meet the expenses for himself, his Murshid and the other companions. Hence, from 28th February till 28th March 2001, Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali performed Hajj. Moreover, Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman and few other selected disciples accompanied him. He presented Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman in Mohammadan Assembly there. Consequently, Holy Prophet accepted and approved him as heir of Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali.

However, founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr never demanded anything in return of his services and sacrifices. He performed every task and fulfilled all the responsibilities given by the spiritual guide just to please him. Due to his Divine love, sincerity and diligence, Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali chose him as his spiritual heir.

Transference of Trust of Faqr

By 26th December 2003, Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali had checked and approved Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman. So, Sultan ul Faqr 6th transferred the Trust of Faqr inwardly and secretly to Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman and left this material world.

Throne of Guidance

Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman is the 31st Shaikh of the Sarwari Qadri Order and the founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr. He started granting Ism-e-Allah Zaat and accepting oath of allegiance from the 14th of August 2005. Since then, he has taken revolutionary steps to shower the bounty of Faqr upon the entire umma.

The first and foremost favour upon the seeker of Allah is the invocation. In the past, disciple use to invoke Ism-e-Allah Zaat in four stages i.e. AllahooLillahLahoo and Hoo(اَللّٰہُ  لِلّٰہُ  لَہُ  ھُو ).

Previously, sultan of invocations i.e. Hoo was given to disciple when he had passed all the basic stages. Therefore, it was a long process and required a lot of time. Usually, most of the disciples could not reach this highest level.

On the other hand, Allah has blessed Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman with great spiritual powers. Therefore, he gives his disciples the sultan of invocations i.e. Hoo at the very first day of allegiance.  Moreover, he also grants them printed or pure gold Ism-e-Allah Zaat for contemplation. Shaikh al-Akbar Mohiyuddin ibn Arabi says in Al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya that, “Hoo ( ھُو ) is the final invocation of knowers”. When the seeker gets perfection in invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, then the contemplation of Ism-e-Mohammad is given. This is for the first time in the history of Faqr by the beneficence of Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman.

Murshid Kamil Akmal or Perfect Spiritual Guide

In every era, there is a perfect spiritual guide who possesses Divine Trust. In addition, he is also the heir of the treasure of Faqr. Such a perfect spiritual guide has authority to grant sultan of invocations i.e. Hoo. Moreover, he gives contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat to the seeker on the very first day of his oath. It is important to mention that Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman has all the qualities of a perfect spiritual guide.  Even sincere seekers gives testimony of such qualities of him. He has the ability to purify the inward and sanctify the soul of the seekers. Ultimately, they become free of jealousy, envy, greed, lust, etc. Moreover, he blesses them with piety, patience, steadfastness, humility, gratitude and unconditional Love for Allah.

Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

Establishment of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman has laid the foundation of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr.  Its aim is to spread Faqr in a more organized and proper channel. Furthermore, it is a registered organization since October 2009. Regardless of any sect, group or school of thought, Tehreek Dawat e Faqr welcomes all the Muslims. In fact, it is an invitation for those who seek to sanctify their soul and vision of Allah. Therefore, Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman purifies the inwards of his disciples without involving them in hard mystic exercises or lengthy prayers. Finally, he has made the bounty of Faqr common and approachable for everyone. That is why he grants Ism-e-Allah Zaat for invocation and contemplation to Muslims all over the world. He grants Ism-e-Allah Zaat with and without oath of allegiance.

Facility for Oath of Allegiance or al-bayah

For those who want to swear oath of allegiance, personal meeting is preferred.  However, it is not compulsory which is quite impressive and miraculous.  In this way, he is the first one to make oath possible for overseas. Initially, oath required personal meeting. Since 2014, he has made it possible for the foreigner seekers to take the oath of allegiance. It is through the internet via a written oath form and audio calls. Later on, he sends Ism-e-Allah Zaat by post. Indeed, this is a milestone in the history of mysticism. Allah has truly blessed him with impeccable spiritual powers to make it possible.

However, it is by the virtue of his grand spiritual status that he has opened facility for females belonging to cities other than Lahore to swear oath of allegiance online. Similarly, he has eased those male seekers of Allah who belong to far flung areas like Balochistan, Karachi, Gilgit Baltistan to swear oath of allegiance online. This is a revolutionary step taken by him. It is the first time in history of sufism that oath of allegiance can be sworn without meeting.


Following are the major departments:


Establishment of Khanqah of Sarwari Qadri Order

Allah says in the Quran:

فِیۡ  بُیُوۡتٍ اَذِنَ اللّٰہُ  اَنۡ تُرۡفَعَ وَ یُذۡکَرَ فِیۡہَا اسۡمُہٗ ۙ یُسَبِّحُ لَہٗ  فِیۡہَا بِالۡغُدُوِّ وَ الۡاٰصَالِ ﴿ۙ۳۶

Meaning: “(Such niches are) in the houses which Allah has ordered to be raised and that His name be mentioned therein; exalting (invoking) Him with them in the mornings and in the evenings.” (An-Nur:36)

Shaykh Shahab al-Din Abu Hafs Umar Suhrawardi says:

“In this verse, ‘houses’ refer to khanqahs.” (Awarif ul-Ma’arif)

Khanqah refers to that place where the seekers of Allah practice the invocation (zikr) of Ism-e-Allah Zaat day and night. This is where they get the company and guidance of the perfect spiritual guide to purify their souls to get enriched with the closeness of Allah.

Foundation of Khanqah

On the Friday of 23rd October 2009, founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman established the khanqah of Sarwari Qadri Order.  Islamic date was 3, Dhu al-Qidah, 1430 H. It established in 4/A Sultan-ul-Faqr House, Education Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore.

This khanqah has its doors open for everyone regardless of his status, sect or school of thought. founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman meets the seekers of Allah in this khanqah on every Sunday.

Construction of Khanqah Sultan ul Ashiqeen and Masjid e Zahra

Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr announced on 12 Rabi al-awwal 1437 H the project of Khanqah Sultan ul Ashiqeen and Masjid e Zahra. The Khanqah Sultan ul Ashiqeen has been completed whereas Masjid e Zahra is under construction. Everyone is requested to take part in it with great zeal. The construction is in full swing..

Establishment of Sultan-ul-Faqr Publications Registered

In August 2006, founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr laid the foundation of Sultan-ul-Faqr Publications registered.  So, the teachings of Faqr started to spread through books and magazines. This institution has published many books and its detail is present in the book’s section.

All the books published under the supervision of founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr are available online at:

Anyone can read these books online. Furthermore, anyone can download these books free. Sultan ul Faqr Publications office is present within Sultan ul Faqr House 4-5/A, Education Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore.

To make monthly Sultan-ul-Faqr Magazine Lahore available for the entire world, an exclusive website is designed:

Multimedia and Design Development

To spread the message of Faqr in entire world, founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr has established the department of Multimedia and Design Development. Under this department, following websites are present:

Sultan Bahoo in English language) (Website in Urdu language)

Sultan ul Ashiqeen (Website in English language) (Website in Urdu language)

Tehreek Dawat e Faqr (Website in English language) (Website in Urdu language)

Sultan ul Faqr (Website in English language) (Website in Urdu language)

Sultan ul Faqr Publications
Mahnama Sultan ul Faqr
Sultan ul Faqr Library

By reading the teachings of Faqr online, the seekers of Allah are able to reach out to founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr. Moreover, they are able to take online oath of allegiance.

In addition, this department has also made this special website, which is;

Above-mentioned websites are based upon founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman‘s Life History and his books. Therefore, this website is informative for his disciples and devotees who want know about him.

Sultan-ul-Faqr Digital Productions

Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr laid the foundation of the department of Sultan-ul-Faqr Digital Production. Actually, it is a sub-department of Sultan-ul-Faqr Multimedia Design and Development. Furthermore, this department is responsible to spread the teachings of Faqr through audios and videos by these websites:

This department is also running following audio and video channels on Video Social Media.

SOUNDCLOUD (Audio Channel)
Audios and Videos of following are available on this website:
  1. Hymns (Hamd)
  2. Poems in praise of the Holy Prophet (Naat)
  3. Qasida Burda Sharif
  4. Mawlid
  5. Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman
  6. Sultan ul Faqr 6th Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali
  7. Muharram programs
  8. Death anniversary (Urs) of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani
  9. Poetry of Pir Bahadur Ali Shah
  10. Poetry of Allama Iqbal
  11. Death anniversary of Sultan-ul-Tarikeen Sayyid Mohammad Abdullah Shah.
  12. Death anniversary of Sultan ul Faqr 6th Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali
  13. Sultan Bahoo’s poetry
  14. Poetry of Pir Ghafoor Shah
  15. Death anniversary of Sultan Bahoo
  16. Poetry of Sayyid Abdul Aziz
  17. Poetry of Mian Mohammad Bakhsh
  18. Sultan ul Faqr Digital Productions has its own YouTube and daily motion channels.

Social Media department is working under the Multimedia Design and Development and playing important role in spreading the Faqr. The detail of Social Media is given below:


2.Abyat e Bahoo Kamil

3.Ain ul Faqr by Hazrat Sultan Bahoo

5.Ain-ul-Faqr English Translation

7.Ameer ul Kaunain امیر الکونین

8.Ar Risala tul Ghausia

10.Fazayal Ahl e Bait aur Sahaba Karam Razi Allah Anhum

11.Ganj ul Asrar – Urdu and English Translation

14.Haqeeqat e Eid Milad ul Nabi Sall’ Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam

15.Haqeeqat e Ism e Allah Zaat. Divine Reality of Ism-e-Allah Zaat

16.Haqeeqat e Mohammadia Sall’ Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam

17.Haqeeqat-e-Hajj Urdu and English Book

18.Haqeeqat-e-Namaz Urdu and English

19.Haqeeqat-e-Roza/Spiritual Reality of Saum

20.Hayat o Taleemat Syedna Ghaus ul Azam Razi Allah Anhu

21.Hazrat Fatimah Razi Allahu Ta’ala Anha

22.Imam Hussain and Yazid – English and Urdu

23.Kalam Dar Shan Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen

24.Kalam Mashaikh Sarwari Qadri

25.Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan The Key of Divine Oneness Detailed

26.Kashf-ul-Asrar Urdu and English

27.Khanqah Sarwari Qadri

28.Khanqah Sultan ul Ashiqeen

29.Khulfa e Rashideen Razi Allah Anhum

31.Mohkim-ul-Fuqara محکم الفقرا

32.Monthly Sultan ul Faqr Magazine

33.Mujtaba Akhir Zamani

34.Murshid Kamil Akmal Urdu and English Book

35.Murshid-e-Kamil Akmal Hazrat Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman (MDA)

36.Nur-ul-Huda Kalan by Sultan Bahoo

37.Nur-ul-Huda Khurd

38.Purification of Innerself in Sufism

39.Qurb-e-Deedar قرب دیدار

40.Risala Roohi Sharif

41.Risala Roohi Sharif – English Translation and Exegesis

42.Shams ul Fuqara

43.Shams ul Arifeen – Urdu Translation

44.Shams-ul-Arifeen English

46.Sufism – The Soul of Islam

49.Sultan ul Ashiqeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman

50.Sultan ul Faqr Digital Productions.official

51.Sultan ul Faqr Publications

52.Sultan ul Waham

53.Sultan-Bahoo . tv

54.Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen . tv

55.Sultan-ul-Faqr (Sixth) Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali (RAA)

56.Sultan-ul-Faqr . tv

57.Sultan-ul-Waham English Translation


60.Sultan ul Arifeen

61.The Mohammadan Reality

62.The Spiritual Guides of Sarwari Qadri Order

63.The Spiritual Reality of Zakat-English and Urdu

64.Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

65.Arifana Kalam

66.Deedar e Elahi

67.Faqr Sultan ul Ashiqeen

68.Imam Hassan Basri

69.Insan e Kamil Sultan ul Ashiqeen

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Sultan ul Ashiqeen: 

Audios and videos of Hamd (praise of Allah), Naat (praise of Holy Prophet), mystic poetry of spiritual guides of Sarwari Qadri order, poetry of Iqbal, all 201 couplets of Sultan Bahoo are prepared and uploaded by this department. It also prepares and uploads videos of all events celebrated under presidentship of founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan ul Ashiqeen as well as videos of his preaching tours. Moreover, it is also recording and uploading lectures regarding teachings of Faqr.

Annual Spiritual Events

In khanqah Sultan ul Ashiqeen, founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr and his disciples celebrate all the holy events. Disciples decorate the entire khanqah on special occasions and make arrangements for gathering. They also arrange grand langar for the guests. There is open invitation for everyone without any discrimination. Hence, not only the disciples of founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr from all around Pakistan but other people also attend these gatherings and gain blessings of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr. Thus, there is a gathering of thousands of people on every holy occasion.

Mawlid al-Nabi (Milad of Holy Prophet)

Mawlid of Prophet Mohammad is celebrated in khanqah Sultan ul Ashiqeen with great splendor on 12th Rabi al-awwal annually. All disciples participate in it with great zeal and zest. They start its preparations two months earlier and prepare encomiums and speeches elaborating grandeur of the Holy Prophet. On the holy occasion, founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr graces the khanqah, then disciples present the encomiums and speeches. Afterwards, langar is served. Then, everyone gains the privilege of meeting the founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr personally. Moreover, those who want to take oath of allegiance also get the opportunity.

Furthermore, on this holy event, founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr also grants Ism-e-Mohammad to his disciples who have crossed the initial spiritual levels. Undoubtedly, contemplation of Ism-e-Mohammad further elevates them. Additionally, makes it easier for them to follow the path of Faqr by the benediction of Prophet Mohammad.

All guests leave the gathering after getting showers of Divine light and spiritual beneficence of the Holy Prophet.

Mawlid-Al-Nabi (Milad e Mustafa) Regarding Transference of Divine Trust (Faqr) to Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan ul Ashiqeen’s disciples also celebrate a grand Mawlid-Al-Nabi on 21st March every year with great enthusiasm regarding the day of transference of Divine Trust to him. This is the greatest and grandest gathering of disciples of founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr.

Not only from all over Pakistan but also from abroad his disciples attend this Mawlid with extreme devotion. In this gathering they recite Hamd, Naat and the eulogies written by disciples of the founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr who have attained to his divine reality through invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. These eulogies elaborate his grand status near Allah as well as his infinite beneficence upon his seekers. Besides, disciples also deliver speeches shedding light upon his biography, charismatic personality, endless struggle to spread Faqr and matchless grandeur. After the program, grand langar is served to all guests. At the end, founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr personally meets everyone and blesses them with his kindness.

This is the second event of the year after Mawlid, where the founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr grants Ism-e-Mohammad.

Commemoration of Urs Ceremonies

Apart from these two grand gatherings, other events founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr annually holds in khanqah are:

  • Commemoration of martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali on 10th Moharram.
  • Commemoration of death anniversary of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani in Rabi ath-Thani
  • Death anniversary of Sultan Bahoo in Jumada ath-Thani
  • Death anniversary of Sultan ul Ashiqeen’s spiritual guide Sultan ul Faqr 6th Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali.
  • Large number of people from all over the country attend this events and gain blessings of these Saints through founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan ul Ashiqeen.

    Female disciples of founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr celebrate all these events at Sultan ul Ashiqeen house under the presidentship of his respected wife.

    Titles of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    Allah gives His beloveds special titles according to their distinguishing attributes and levels.  So that the world gets to know their grandeur and the level of belovedness. In the Holy Quran, Allah addresses His beloved Prophet Mohammad  with beautiful titles. For example, Yaseen, Taha, Al-Muzzammil (Thou enwrapped), Al-Muddathir (thou who art covered) etc. Similarly, Allah titled Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani as al-Ghawth al-Azam, Mohiyuddin etc.

    Titles in Sarwari Qadri Way

    Similarly, Sarwari Qadri Order follows this Sunna of Allah.  Every Sarwari Qadri spiritual guide gets a title from the Mohammadan Assembly. Like, the title of Sultan Bahoo is “Sultan-ul-Arifeen” i.e. “The sultan of knowers of Allah”

    The sacred name of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr is “Najib ur Rehman”. His spiritual guide Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali gave him the patronymic of ‘Abu Al-Murtaza’ due to his beloved son Sahibzada Murtaza Najib.

    Sultan Mohammad – Title of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    Since, the Sarwari Qadri order exalted to ultimate heights due to the efforts of Sultan Bahoo. So, all the spiritual guides who came after Sultan Bahoo have the title of ‘Sultan Mohammad’. In short, Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Sultan Bahoo and Pir Bahadur Ali Shah blessed founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr with title of ‘Sultan Mohammad’.

    Sultan ul Ashiqeen – Title of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    The title ‘Sultan ul Ashiqeen’ (the sultan of Divine lovers) conferred upon Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman from the Mohammadan Assembly. It is due to his marvellous attribute of Ishq e Haqiqi, which has dominated all his other attributes.

    Shabeeh-e-Ghaus-ul-Azam – Title of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    For the revival of true Islam and its soul Faqr, he got the title of ‘Shabeeh-e-Ghaus-ul-Azam’. It means ‘the reflection of al-Ghawth al-Azam’.

    Aftab-e-Faqr – Title of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali conferred the title of ‘Aftab-e-Faqr’ upon his beloved spiritual heir Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman.  Its meaning is ‘the sun of Faqr’.  No doubt, he is the sun of Faqr, which is spreading its light in the whole world. Moreover, Faqr is not hidden now only due to his struggles.

    Shan-e-Faqr – Title of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    He got title of ‘Shan-e-Faqr’, which means,   ‘the glory of Faqr’.  Moreover, the reason of this title is that the founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr has manifested the glory of Sarwari Qadri Order. In addition, he has disclosed grandeur of all its spiritual leaders.

    Sultan-ul-Zakireen – Title of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    Sultan-ul-Zakireen is the attributive title of the founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr. In fact, it is associated to his marvel that he grants all his disciples the sultan of invocations Hoo. Moreover, he blesses his seeker with it on very first day of oath of allegiance.

    Beauty and Grandeur of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    To describe the beauty of founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman with humanly limitations would be injustice to his grandeur. In fact, words are inadequate to explain how impeccable and stunning he is. Since he possesses the light of Allah, his beauty is unexplainable. That is why only the true lovers of Allah can observe his real mesmerizing beauty. While seeing him, lovers wish for time to pause so they can absorb manifestation of Allah. Precisely speaking, every beautiful thing of the universe owes its beauty to the Divine beauty of founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan ul Ashiqeen.

    Beautiful Eyes of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan ul Ashiqeen

    His eyes are a Divinity filled fathomless ocean. It seems so immense that it contains the answers to all questions, which exist in the entire universe. Undoubtedly, his eyes are the doors to the Mohammadan Assembly. Moreover, spiritual power of his gaze cleanses the inward of the seekers. He usually keeps his eyes down out of modesty. However, it takes only his one glance to change the inward of the seeker and bless him gnosis.

    Dignity of Silence and Meaningful Speech

    When he is silent, dignity covers him and no one dares to speak before him. Whenever, he speaks, his words are clearly audible and pleasant to hear. It is important to mention that his words have different meanings for different seekers according to their spiritual states. His words contain an ocean of meanings and are diverse. One phrase or sentence holds several meanings for a seeker, which he understands according to his inner state. He is always very logical and to the point. He speak in soft tones; no one has ever heard him shouting.

    Light of Ism-e-Allah Zaat

    His face is a prodigy of light of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. The lovers keep their eyes fixed upon his sacred face that exudes the light of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. Sometimes the light glows so much that it becomes difficult to look at him. Each seeker reads it according to his spiritual status. Yet there is surely something for everyone to read.

    Certainly, these words are not enough to describe the unmatched beauty of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman.

    Great Attributes & Beautiful Morals of Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman is at the highest pedestal of best morals. Indeed all his attributes are the model and reflection of the beautiful attributes of the Holy Prophet. Therefore, it depicts that he is certainly on his footsteps. In short, patience, humility, perseverance, respecting others, modesty, magnanimity, dignity and courageousness are some of his attributes. Moreover, his glance is synonymous with benevolence, the word ‘compassion’ does not fully describe his kind behaviour.  Thus, his sacred entity is perfect embodiment of beauty, excellence and kindness.

    Un-believable Kindness

    Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman have a very kind and soft heart. Therefore, he cannot see anyone in pain and shares the sorrows of his disciples. However, he never tells his problems to anyone.

    Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr loves His Disciples

    He usually remains too busy in his work and activities of his Sufi organization.  Even then, he spares time for his disciples to hear their issues and sacrifices his rest for this purpose. Moreover, his help and guidance reach the disciple in need, physically as well as spiritually. That is to say, he is aware of every esoteric and exoteric condition of all his disciples. Although, not every disciple is sincere towards him, even then he helps him. In addition, he does not keep even his insincere disciples deprived of his kind attention.  Furthermore, he forgives the mistakes of his disciples no matter how big they are. Rather, he makes them learn from the mistakes. Moreover, hiding others faults is also one of his special attributes. But, he sagaciously makes the disciples aware of their shortcomings to improve themselves inwardly as well as outwardly.

    Vast Knowledge of founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

    Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr is unprecedented in intelligence and wisdom. He is conversant not only with religious and inward knowledge but also with worldly and outward knowledge. Whether it is the knowledge of history, geography or science, law or politics, he has perfect command over them. It is a fact that the Fakirs have the inspirational knowledge. So, they become aware of knowledge of entire universe. However, founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr not only has the inspirational knowledge but also the exoteric knowledge. Additionally, his literary work is the proof of his command over every kind of knowledge.

    Devotion and Hard work

    In addition to intelligence, hard work and dedication are his greatest attributes. In fact, his entire life is a struggle. Though Allah’s favours always remained with him, yet he left no stone unturned in his struggles.

    Moreover, he makes his efforts to the fullest that is why Allah blesses him to the fullest. He not only works hard himself but also inculcates this attribute in his disciples. In this way, he persuades them to work with dedication and perseverance. His hard work becomes a source of inspiration for his disciples and keeps their spirits high.

    Humility and Simplicity

    Humility and simplicity are his marvels. Although, he is s at ultimate levels yet he lives like common people out of his humility. In fact he is simple in his ways of living yet very graceful and elegant.

    Sultan ul Ashiqeen follows Sharia

    Founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman strictly follows sharia. He neither likes nor allows interaction of male and female disciples. Therefore, the male disciples cannot visit his house while the female disciples cannot enter khanqah. In this way, he has maintained the rules of shariah strictly. Moreover, he respects the women extremely and talks to them keeping his eyes lowered. Furthermore, he loves all children.

    He is undoubtedly the best administrator and the patron. In fact, the way he supervises and organizes every department is unparalleled. Being on the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad, he is the ideal in any relationship or role.


    Who is Sultan ul Ashiqeen?

    Sultan ul Ashiqeen is the 31st perfect spiritual guide and the presently the Imam of Sarwari Qadri Order and the Shaikh e Kamil of this era. Therefore, he gives the invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat and the king of invocations “Hoo” on the very first day of al-bayah or pledge of allegiance and takes the slave of Allah to Allah in just one moment. Moreover, he is the founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr. Tehreek Dawat e Faqr is a religious organization who is working day and night to spread Faqr. Faqr is the path which takes a seeker of Allah to the Divine closeness. To the levels of annihilation and immortality with Allah.

    What is Sarwari Qadri Order?

    Sarwari Qadri order basically originates from Prophet Mohammad and reaches the umma through Ali ibn Abi Talib. Further more, Ali ibn Abi Talib transferred cloak of succession to Shaikh Hasan of Basra. This chain spiritually passed to many great Saints in a continuous manner, consequently reached Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani.  From where it reached Sultan Bahoo, presently Sultan ul Ashiqeen  Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman is its spiritual guide. Sultan ul Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali blessed him with succession.

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