Sultan Mohammad Nasir Majeed

Sultan Nasir Majeed

Sultan Mohammad Nasir Majeed



On 21st March 2021, on the event of Mawlid ceremony regarding transference of the trust of Faqr, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen bestowed Nasir Majeed Sarwari Qadri with his turban and granted him Khilafat (succession). Sultan ul Ashiqeen also praised his generosity with which he had been contributing in the way of Allah, “He did not keep anything as a back up for his family while giving in the way of Allah be it car, be it house, nothing.” After a brief pause, Sultan ul Ashiqeen added, “I pray that Allah grant them (Hammad ur Rehman and Nasir Majid) consistency and complete Noor upon them. I will train them during my lifetime.”

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