Belief in the Finality of Prophethood

Belief in the Finality of Prophethood

The first condition of being a Muslim is to have firm belief in the Oneness of Allah Almighty. And to affirm the prophethood of the last Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). So when we recite shahada we are believing in the Oneness of Allah and prophethood of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Anyone who doubts the finality of prophethood of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is out of Muslim nation and his belief depletes. Allah Almighty says about the finality of prophethood:

Meaning: Mohammad (pbuh) is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Last of the Prophets (ending the chain of the Prophets). And Allah is the Perfect Knower of everything. (33:40)

The arrival of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) came after all Prophets and Messengers. The order of prophethood that began with Prophet Adam ended with Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Allah limited the guidance and prophethood of the previous Prophets to a specific area or country. Their guidance and message was not universal. But the guidance of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is universal and he refers to the entire world. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) came as the bearer of glad tidings and the warner for the whole universe and conveyed the Divine message completely and safely for the world’s guidance. He did not leave the need for any more Prophets or Messengers. Hence, the Quran refers to him as Khatim an-Nabiyeen meaning: The Seal of Prophets. In Arabic the word “Khatim” means the seal that we put on envelopes so that no one will mess with it.

So the arrival of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) sealed the order of prophethood. And so no more Prophets will come after him. This is the reality that the Prophet confirms saying “The similitude of mine and that of the Apostles (before me) is that of a person who constructs a house and he builds it fine and well and the people go round it saying: Never have we seen a house more imposing than this but for one brick. And I am that brick (with which you give the finishing touch to the building).”

Perfection of Religion

Allah Almighty perfected religion upon the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and said:

Meaning: Today I have perfected your religion for you and have completed My Blessing upon you. And have chosen for you Islam (as) religion.  (5:3)

Allah Almighty perfected the religion upon the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and after that, there is no need for new Prophets. The perfection of religion means that Allah showed how to act upon the Quran through His beloved Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and also through each and every action of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). The Mohammadan shariah is a complete code of life for Muslims in every sense whether it is worship, ethics or matters of life. Hence now if anyone claims that he has come to complete some part of shariah then he is a reprobate and liar. Neither will any revelation descend upon anyone nor any Holy book after Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Religion is complete and so are its commands and prohibitions.

Sayings of the Holy Prophet regarding the Finality of Prophethood

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) has explained the finality of prophethood in many of his sayings. Some of them are as follows:

  • The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: “In the Children of Israel, whenever a Prophet would die, another Prophet would be his successor but no Prophet would come after me.”
  • The order of prophethood has ended. Hence there will neither be any Messenger nor Prophet after me.
  • I am Aqib and Aqib is the one after whom there is no Prophet.
  • Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said to Hazrat Ali (ra): “Are you not pleased that you hold the same status for me as Aaron for Moses! But there would be no Prophet after me.” (Bukhari 4416)
  • Abu Imama relates that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: “I am the last of Prophets and therefore you (Muslims) are the last of nations.”
  • Hazrat Aisha (ra) relates that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: “I am the last Prophet and my Masjid is the last of Prophets’ Masjids.”
  • Uqba ibn Amir relates that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: “Liars will be born in my Ummah. They will claim to be a Prophet although I am the last Prophet and there is no Prophet after me”.
  • Abu Dharr relates that the Holy Prophet said: “Abu Dharr! The first Prophet in the order of prophethood is Adam (as) and the last is Mohammad (pbuh)”.
  • Hazrat Ali (ra) said that there was the seal of prophethood between the shoulders of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) hence he is the Seal of Prophethood”.
The Holy Prophet (pbuh) also said:
  • Hazrat Anas ibn Malik relates that the Holy Prophet said: “The order of prophethood has ended and there is no Messenger or Prophet after me. The Companions (ra) were surprised and so the Holy Prophet (pbuh) added “However there will be Mubasharat”. They inquired “What are Mubasharat?” Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) answered “True dreams and it is the 46th part of prophethood”.
  • The Holy Prophet said: “I had been chosen as the Seal of Prophethood when Hazrat Adam (ra) was still in the form of mud”.
  • The Holy Prophet said: “Allah blessed me with superiority over the other Prophets through six attributes:
  • Allah has blessed me with comprehensive words
  • Allah has granted me victory by placing fear in the hearts of my enemies
  • Spoils of war are allowed for me
  • The entire earth is a place for me to prostrate and purify
  • I have been sent as a blessing for entire creation
  • The order of prophethood ends upon me.”
The Consensus of the Companions (ra)

All the Companions (ra) had firm belief that there would be no Prophet after Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). This is why Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) sent an army of Companions (ra) for the repression of a minor claimant of prophethood. This incident is as below:

The Battle of Yamama

The battle of Yamama was fought because of the claim of prophethood by Musaylimah the Arch-Liar. Many Companions were martyred in this battle but the sedition was completely eradicated. The first Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) was gave the sermon: “People! No man shall stay in Medina, whether people of Badr or people of Uhud. Rally towards Yamama!” He said again with teary eyes: “No one shall stay in Medina even if predators emerge from the jungles and drag away Abu Bakr (ra).” The Companions (ra) say that if Hazrat Ali (ra) had not stopped Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) he would have taken a sword and headed to Yamama himself.  Armed soldiers of Banu Hanifa stood against an army of thousand. The battle of Yamama is a battle about which people of Medina say, “By the Lord! We did not fight such a battle before or since.”

Companions (ra) gave their lives in the battlefield to defend the finality of prophethood. O Muslims! You still do not understand the importance of finality of prophethood. Leader of the Ansar, Thabit ibn Qays whose legends of bravery were famous among the Arabs and non-Arabs said: “O Allah! I have no relation with whom they worship.” All the universe witnessed the moment when he solely attacked the army of thousands and fought till there was no part of his body left without a wound. Hazrat Umar Ibn Khattab’s brother Zayd ibn al-Khattab who was among the foremost Muslims gave the last sermon to Muslims “By God! I will not talk to anyone today till I defeat them or breathe my last.”

The Garden of Banu Hanifa

O Muslims! You still do not understand the importance of finality of prophethood!! So much blood was shed in the garden of Banu Hanifa called Hadiqah tur Rehman (The garden of Compassionate) that people started calling it Hadiqah tul mout (The garden of death).

The walls of this garden were like forts. Can one imagine that facing an army of thousands Al-Bara’ ibn Malik says “O Muslims! There is only one way. Throw me to the other side of the fort, I will open the door for you.” He stood on the wall and saw the army of deniers of finality of prophethood and jumped in, alone. Anyone who claims to be brave, will stress out. One person was fighting thousands. He even opened the door and Muslims cut down the deniers of finality of prophethood.

O Muslims! I wish you knew how your predecessors defended the finality of prophethood of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). I wish you knew the passion of Companions (ra) with which they fought armies bigger than the eye can see with just handful of men.

Allah’s Rule

It is Allah’s rule that whatever is not needed gets erased and whatever is needed lives and is protected from being erased. More or less 1 lac 24 thousand Prophets came before the Seal of prophethood Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). But people today do not even know most of their names. Many Holy Books were revealed before the Quran but none of them are present in their true forms. Whereas each and every letter of the Quran revealed upon the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is the same. And Allah himself took responsibility to protect it. Mohammadan sharia is protected while the sharia of earlier Prophets either got erased or changed so much that they lost their original form. Prophet Mohammad’s sharia is clear like the sun and it is the proof that every person till the judgement day should get guidance from him.

 The following saying of the Holy Prophet proves this further:

Meaning: There is no Prophet after me.

Poetic explanation of Finality of Prophethood

A poet has described the end of order of prophethood in an excellent way:

Explanation: Allah descended the religion Islam and elevated it upon all other religions. By ending the order of prophethood upon Prophet Mohammad, Allah perfected his religion.

  Only a brick was left in the building of prophethood. The arrival of Prophet Mohammad completed the building.

 Allah honoured the beacon of prophethood of Prophet Mohammad by perpetuating its light.

 There is no doubt in finality of prophethood as the verses of Holy Quran prove it.

 There is no need or room for a new Prophet or religion and this is endorsed by 210 Hadiths.

Allah has perpetuated the nation of Prophet Mohammad from his era till the doomsday by declaring it the last nation.

The seal of prophethood that adorned the sacred shoulders of the Holy Prophet proves him the Seal of prophethood.

The Holy Prophet declared, “O people! There will be no Prophet after me.” Hence the Reality Itself declared the reality.

Whenever any lair claimed false prophethood, the lovers of Holy Prophet rejected it.

One should mourn upon every false claimant of prophethood as the fitna of Qadiyanat has plundered his intellect.

God knows why this fitna is raised after every few years in Pakistan when the constitution of Pakistan condemns and bans it. (Poet: Johar Ibaad)

Qadiyanat has emerged as a great fitna. Hence every man of belief must stop it. O Muslims! Play your role in the jihad of defending the finality of prophethood. So that you may be blessed with his intersession on doomsday.

Explanation: The claim of false prophethood that has none of the attributes of Divine power and grandeur, is like a hash drug for the Muslims.

The Path of Faqr and Belief in the Finality of Prophethood

The path of Faqr is a special path of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). It is important for seekers of Faqr to have belief in the finality of prophethood. Because this path is specifically the Holy Prophet’s path. To travel this path it is important to follow his footsteps. If someone does not have belief in prophethood of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) how can he gain presence in Mohammadan Assembly?

The path of Faqr is the path of Divine observation and presence. That is, people who travel this path and attain Divine gnosis do not stay just Muslim. Rather they become Momins deserving of Divine Favour. They know the Divine Reality through their cognitive inward. After inward purgation they attain the state of Divine presence. And because of Divine sight of the perfect spiritual guide, they gain presence in the Mohammad Assembly. Followers of the path of Faqr have absolute belief in the eternal life of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). As Sultan Bahoo says:

  • Whoever does not have belief in the life of Holy Prophet, is disgraced in both the worlds. Only that person denies the eternal life of the Prophet and considers him dead whose faith has been confiscated by Satan and whose soul has died. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Therefore it is mandatory for seekers of Allah to not only have belief in the finality of prophethood rather try their best to defend it. So that they prove themselves to be real follower and lover of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). So they purify their innerself and purge their inwards with company of perfect spiritual guide and invocation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. Then progress inwardly to reach the Mohammadan Assembly. May Allah grant all Muslims the power to firmly believe in the finality of prophethood and strengthen their relationship with the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Ameen.

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