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Majlis e Mohammadi

(Mohammadan Assembly)

Majlis e Mohammadi is a place where Holy Prophet is eternally present along with Ahl al-Bayt and sacred Companions to guide the Divine seekers. Sultan Bahoo completely believes in the ‘eternal existence’ of the Holy Prophet.

Muslim Always believes in Majlis e Mohammadi (Mohammadan Assembly)

Therefore, Sultan Bahoo said;

How can one be a faithful or Muslim who does not believe in eternal existence of the Holy Prophet. Undoubtedly, such a person is lair, faithless and a hypocrite, whoever he is. As, the Holy Prophet said;

اَلْکِذَّابُ لَا اُمَّتِیْ

Meaning: A liar does not belong to my umma. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Denier of Sacred Assembly

  • He has no respect in both the worlds who does not believe in the life of Holy Prophet. Moreover, he denies the eternal life of the Prophet whose faith Satan confiscates. In addition, such person has dark inward. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed)
  • Listen! One who does not believe in the eternal life of the Holy Prophet, his faith is confiscated. (Ain-ul-Faqr)

Iqbal’s Belief in Majlis e Mohammadi

Allama Iqbal the thinker and poet of the East has stated the eternal existence of the Holy Prophet in Majlis e Mohammadi as follows:

I have complete faith that Prophet Mohammad is alive. Moreover, the people of this age can also get beneficence by his company like the sacred Companions. But presently, the expression of such convictions would be unpleasant for several minds. That is why, I remain silent. (A letter to Niaz-ud-Din Khan-“Fitrak-e-Rasool-7”)

The Teachings of Sultan Bahoo about the Majlis e Mohammadi

Most Elevated Spiritual Stations

He said that the Deedar e Elahi (Divine vision) and eternal presence in Majlis e Mohammadi are two highest spiritual stations. Furthermore, there is no higher spiritual station than Divine vision and Majlis e Mohammadi.

In fact, Majlis e Mohammadi still exists today, as it used to be in the times of his Companions.

Importance of Majlis e Mohammadi

Perhaps there is no writing of Sultan Bahoo in which he has not mentioned the Majlis e Mohammadi. On the path to Divine Reality, seekers get the blessings of eternal presence in Majlis e Mohammadi (Mohammadan Assembly). Moreover, the Holy Prophet guides and helps him to cover the stages of the gnosis of Allah.

Ism e Allah Zaat (The Personal Name of Allah) is the Physical form of the Prophet

While explaining Bismillah, Ahmad Yaar Khan Naeemi writes in “Tafsir-e-Naeemi”:

Ism e Allah Zaat (The Personal Name of Allah) is the physical form of the Holy Prophet.

How to achieve presence in Majlis e Mohammadi (Mohammadan Assembly)?

Sultan Bahoo said:

One can achieve presence in the Mohammadan Assembly through the contemplation of The Personal Name of Allah and Ism e Mohammad.

Ism e Allah of Sacred Companions

The explanation of this extract is that, for the Companions, his sacred face was the Personal Name of Allah. Moreover, his sacred self was Ism e Mohammad. Therefore, they did not need anything else to get the Divine guidance. So, his sacred company was enough for them. But how do the seekers of Allah of this age get guidance from their Prophet? Now, the only way to access to Majlis e Mohammadi (Mohammadan Assembly) is the contemplation of the Personal Name of Allah and Ism e Mohammad. However, it is compulsory to gain it from the one who has permission of the Prophet to grant it.

According to Sultan Bahoo:

شد مطالب دیدن رو مصطفیٰ
شد حضوری غرق فی اللہ باخدا

Explanation: One achieves his objectives by the privilege of beholding the sacred countenance of Prophet Mohammad. Moreover, he reaches at the station of Divine presence and Oneness with Allah. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Requirements for getting Presence in Majlis e Mohammadi (Mohammadan Assembly)

A seeker does not qualify for the presence in Majlis e Mohammadi unless becomes spiritually elevated by performing four invocation. Moreover, he should have performed four kinds of meditation and four kinds of concentration.

Declining Invocation

First is the declining invocation (Zikr e Zawal). On the commencement of this invocation, all the major and minor creations incline towards the reciter. A lot of disciples and seekers perform this invocation. However, when it reaches its peak, most of the seekers leave it because of spiritual demotion. Hence, they say:
“We repent thousand times from such invocation”. Only that true seeker remains steadfast who purely seek gnosis and Divine union.

Eternal Invocation

Second is the eternal invocation (Zikr e Kamal). Moreover, it is invocation of marvels. From the outset of this invocation, all the angels run towards the reciter. Therefore, armies of angels gather around him. The twin recording angels Kiraman Katibin give him inspirations about every good and bad and keep him away from sins.

Invocation of Divine Union

When eternal invocation reaches its end, consequently the third invocation starts. It is the invocation of Divine union (Zikr e Visal). This invocation takes the seeker to the assembly of Prophets and Saints esoterically. Most importantly, he gets Divine union.

Invocation of Spiritual States

When the seeker gets complete unification, the fourth invocation begins. It is the invocation of spiritual states (Zikr e Ahwal). While performing this invocation, the seeker gets blessings of the theophanies of light of the Divine Essence. Moreover, he anihilates in Allah and becomes immortal with Him. After crossing these four levels of invocation, the seeker becomes eligible for the presence in the Majlis e Mohammadi. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

ہر کرا از دل کشاید چشم نور
شد حضوری مصطفیٰ رست از غرور

Explanation: The person, whose inward eye gets enlightenment, he gets rid of arrogance. Resultantly, he achieves the presence in Majlis e Mohammadi. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

There are other features of the Mohammadan Assembly. As the Prophet outwardly speaks to worldly people with his physical body while inwardly he keeps conversing with spiritual people. When he moves his lips, the worldly people think that he is discoursing with them. While the spiritual people consider that, he is talking to them. Learned are amazed of it. However, the reality is that he converses with Allah-the Compassionate. His sacred being is pure of the inciting innerself, which has worried Satan who is the friend of it. BayazidBastami said:

“I have been talking to Allah for thirty years but the worldly people think I am talking to them. While the spiritual ones think I am addressing them.” (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

No one can find Mohammadan Assembly by Superficial Devotions

Thus, the seeker can never find presence in the Mohammadan Assembly by the superficial devotions and recitals. No matter, he continues performing hard mystic exercises throughout his life. As only, the perfect spiritual guide grants permission on the esoteric path. In fact, he has the command over his innerself.

Responsibility of True Muslim

You must know that a nation follows its leader. Therefore, a true Muslim is the one who follows Prophet Mohammad completely. Moreover, he reaches the sacred assembly following his every step. I am surprised at the people who do not know the way to have the presence in the Mohammadan Assembly. Furthermore, they do not even seek it from the perfect Mystics due to their conceit, immodesty, arrogance and egoism. In fact, the foolish people get jealous of the seeker blessed with presence in the Mohammadan Assembly. They are jealous of him. Thus, such people are absolutely beasts.
Whosoever does so, the Holy Prophet does not approve and resultantly cannot be called a faithful or even a Muslim. He can never be a Fakir, Dervish or a religious scholar. Therefore, never consider him the follower of Prophet Mohammad. The spiritual company of the Holy Prophet is the secret of righteousness. This secret discloses when one return to its origin.

As it is a Hadith:

اَلنِّھَایَۃُ ھُوَ الرَّجُوْعُ اِلَی الْبِدَایَۃِ

Meaning: Returning to the origin is the final level. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Returning to Origin blesses Mohammadan Assembly

The manifestation of the Divine Reality began from the revelation of the Mohammadan light. Therefore, all the creatures came into being from this. Hence, the ‘origin’ is the Mohammadan light. Therefore, to return to the origin is the completion and perfection. This is what, is meant by the presence of the Mohammadan Assembly and this is actually the secret of guidance. The one, who neither acknowledges it nor seeks it, cannot be a follower of the Holy Prophet.

Ignorant cannot stay in Mohammadan Assembly

The Holy Prophet said:

مَنْ رَاٰنِیْ فَقَدْ رَایَ الْحَقِّ فَاِنَّ الشَّیْطٰنَ لَا یَتَمَثَّلُ بِیْ

Meaning: Whoever beheld me, no doubt, he actually beheld me because Satan can never take my form.

If the true seeker who has been blessed with the presence and servitude in the Mohammadan Assembly. When he requests for the solution of any of his worldly or religious problems, then the Prophet resolve it. Moreover, the sacred Companions also pray for him. Even then, if that problem is not resolved, then what could be the reason? That seeker of Allah must know that he has not reached the level of perfection yet. Moreover, he is still progressing spiritually. He has not attained freedom from his desires, which are creating hurdles for him. However, he gets esoterically a blessing as a substitute of his request, which makes him happy.

Therefore, congratulations to him on his progress towards the closeness to Allah. If the seeker is ignorant or has desires of this carcass world, then he is ousted from the assembly. Alternatively, his spiritual ranks are confiscated. When the esoteric and exoteric selves of a seeker become one, he get elevation, which is beyond all station. The reality of the Mohammadan Assembly reveals upon the seekers who have reached the Divine Oneness. Moreover, they have become one with the One. (Shams-ul-Arifeen)

Never Keep Doubt about Mohammadan Assembly

The person who has the vision of the Holy Prophet gets elevated to the station of a favourite Saint. Moreover, he may be elevated to station of a Mystic or becomes a majdhub, a beloved or a veiled reprobate. The secret is that when he enters the Mohammadan Assembly, he must not doubt it. Because this assembly is like a heaven where discussion about Quran, Hadith, invocation and Divinity is everlasting.

Mohammadan Assembly is like a Touchstone

One gets either the rank of beloved or a reprobate from this assembly. It is because; Mohammadan Assembly is like a touchstone, which distinguished the truth from falsehood. If the person is insincere and a liar, his insincerity and lie are exposed on entering the assembly. Moreover, if he is sincere and true, that gets verification. Therefore, the being of the true seeker converts into the Divine light on seeing this assembly. Hence, he gets eternal presence in it. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

Never Trust Jealous and Hypocrite

Jealous, hypocrite, darkened soul or a liar claims that, no true spiritual guide is present. Moreover, he claims that book reading is enough. In fact, he is the follower of devil and guideless. Thus, he does not have gnosis. Moreover, he is like a brigand due to his devilish trick, sensual wile and deceit. Furthermore, he keeps others away from gnosis of Allah and righteousness. In this way, he prevents them from the presence in the Mohammadan Assembly. Do not trust him because such a person is a dark soul and wanders about like a dog in search of carrion.

Only Way to Mohammadan Assembly

روز و شب در طلبِ نبویؐ با حضور

مرد مرشد میرساند خاص نور

ہرکہ منکر میشود زیں خاص راہ

عاقبت کافر شود با رو سیاہ

Explanation: Seek presence in the Mohammadan Assembly day and night. However, remember; only a perfect spiritual guide can take you to that most special Divine light. Whoever denies this path ultimately becomes an infidel and is disgraced forever. (Majalisa-tul-NabiKhurd)

The inciting self and the cursed Satan can never enter the Mohammadan Assembly. This is the path of invocation of Ism e Allah Zaat. Through it, one can see the pre-existence, the eternity, the world, the doomsday and the place of judgment. Moreover, one can see the Divine presence, nearness to Allah, hell, heaven, heavenly fairies and castles. (Aqal-e-Beydar)

Places of Mohammadan Assembly

You must know that the special Mohammadan Assembly is present at nine places. In fact, it is according to the respective levels and stations of people. At every station, it is perfect and complete in itself. These stations are;

  1. The pre-existence.
  2. At the tomb of Holy Prophet in Madina.
  3. The eternal end
  4. In the sanctuary of Kaaba inside the Holy Kaaba. Alternatively, in the plain of mount Arafat where the prayers of hajj are accepted.
  5. Above the Empyrean.
  6. At the extreme nearness to Allah (Qab Qausain).
  7. In the paradise. If the seeker eats or drinks something from there, he never feels hunger or thirst. Even does not need to sleep in his life again.
  8. At the pond of Kauther at heaven. If the seeker has the holy beverage from the hands of the Holy Prophet, he gets purified. Hence, he acquires the attributes of renunciation of the world and complete trust upon Allah. Then, crossing the levels of separation and isolation by the favour of Allah. Rather he reaches the station of Oneness where he finds Divine Company.
  9. The level of complete immersion in the Divine light of Lordship after having the privilege of Divine vision.

The seeker, who annihilates himself, reaches the final level of gnosis, Faqr and immortality with Allah. (Shams-ul-Arifeen)

Sultan Bahoo loves Seekers of Mohammadan Assembly

Sultan Bahoo says in his Punjabi couplet:

ب بسم ﷲ اِسم ﷲ دا‘ ایہہ وِی گہناں بھارا ھُو

نال شفاعت سرورِ عالمؐ، چھٹسی عالم سارا ھُو

حدوں بے حد درود نبیؐ نوں‘ جیندا ایڈ پسارا ھُو

میں قربان تنہاں توں باھوؒ، جنہاں ملیا نبیؐ سوہارا ھُو

Explanation: Ism-e-Allah Zaat is present in Bismillah ( بِسْمِ اللّٰہ ). In fact, it is that grand Divine Trust. Every creature except the human being refused to accept this Trust. We received this Trust by the medium of the Holy Prophet. Moreover, on the Doomsday the Muslims will get salvation only through the intercession of the Holy Prophet. Countless and unlimited peace and blessings of Allah must be sent upon the Holy Prophet. In fact, we are the umma of such blessed Prophet who is the greatest blessing of Allah. I may sacrifice myself for those seekers who find closeness of the Prophet by entering his assembly.

Mohammadan Assembly is in fact a Perfect Faith

Allama Iqbal stated about the Mohammadan Assembly:

بہ مصطفٰیؐ برساں خویش را کہ دین ہمہ اوست

اگر بہ او نہ رسیدی، تمام بولہبی است

Explanation: You must take yourself to Prophet Mohammad that is in fact the Mohammadan Assembly. As he is the complete and perfect faith. If you do not take yourself to Prophet Mohammad, your whole faith is like that of Abu Lahab. (Armoghan-e-Hijaz)

Sultan ul Faqr VI Teachings about Mohammadan Assembly

Sultan ul Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali explained about the Mohammadan Assembly:

In the spiritual world, the eternal presence in the Mohammadan Assembly is a very elevated station. The sacred countenance of Prophet Mohammad is the real Ism e Allah Zaat. For the sacred Companions, Ism e Allah Zaat was the physical face of the Holy Prophet. Therefore, they did not need to perform the contemplation of Ism e Allah Zaat. Now, for the presence in the Mohammadan Assembly, the invocation and contemplation of Ism e Allah Zaat or Ism e Mohammad is essential. However, one must get it from perfect spiritual guide who has permission from the Prophet. When the seeker recognizes the Holy Prophet by the light of Ism e Allah Zaat or Ism e Mohammad, there remains no room for any doubt. Because it is the Hadith of the Holy Prophet:

“Who witnessed me, undoubtedly he witnessed the Truth, as Satan cannot adopt my face.” (Sultan-ul-Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali Life and Teachings)

When the seeker finds presence in the Mohammadan Assembly, all his wishes come true. It is because of having the privilege of seeing the sacred face of the Holy Prophet. Then he reaches at the station of annihilation in Allah and immortality with Him. (Sultan-ul-Faqr VI Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali Life and Teachings)


In short, the presence in the Majlis e Mohammadi is the most important spiritual station where People of the Cloak bless Faqr, Abu Bakr Siddiq blesses truthfulness, Umar ibn Khattab blesses accountability of innerself, Usman blesses modesty and Ali ibn Abi Talib blesses Faqr to seeker of Allah. Hence, words cannot explain it. This is the destination of the truth of certainty. Thus, only those know who actually experience it. Therefore, only he becomes familiar to its reality. The seeker gets the Divine union after the presence in the Majlis e Mohammadi. Read Sufi teachings blog.

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