More and More Seekers of Allah are Taking Online Oath of Allegiance

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(TDF News, International Desk): 20th Oct 2019.

Since Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen started accepting online oath of allegiance, a large number of seekers of Allah have benefitted from this facility. The preaching department has successfully spreading the message of Faqr worldwide.

More and more seekers are now turning to online facilities to take the oath of allegiance. In particular, the international devotees who are not able to come into the Khanqah in person. It is Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s marvel and a reflection of his very exalted spiritual status that he has made something possible that is unheard of in the mystic world.

A large number of devotees have so far taken online oath of allegiance on the sacred hands of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen including men and women from around the world. Many non-Muslims have also accepted Islam.

The disciples who took online oath of allegiance in October 2019 includes Mudassar Sultan Ansari and Mehran Zafar from Bangladesh.

Through swearing bayat o the nad of Sultan ul Ashiqeen one treads the path of self realization.

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